History of Pensionat Haga

The founder of Pensionat Haga was named Anna Talbot (born Isaksson). The year was 1924, and after twenty years abroad in America, Anna chose to return to Sweden and build her dream: the first Inn of Persnäs parish. Pensionat Haga has a classic American veranda as a result.

historiaBesides lodging her guests at the inn, Anna also performed medical services in the main building of her homestead to help the locals of the area. Pensionat Haga was very popular, and Anna even had a chauffeur to pick up guests from the nearest railway station in Persnäs. To this day, locals fondly remember yearly markets, with carousels and lotteries, as well as dancing in the limestone barn (where the breakfast is now served). If you look close, names from the 1930’s forward are still visible etched into the white walls of the barn.


The homestead originally had over 100 000 square meters of land attached to its estate, but the land has been sold off over time until 1971. In 1975, the Norén Family bought the property, and the Annex (as the building was then called) was long used as living quarters for employees at Sandviks Kvarn.

Pensionat Haga regained its original name and purpose after an extensive renovation in 2015, when we, the Hasani Family, bought the property.

We are looking forward to following in the footsteps of Anna Talbot, and offering our guests a wonderful stay in Öland.